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Boxing of Bedford NY:
Boxing over the years has become a more and more popular exercise alternative and the reason is for this is obvious. The next time you observe a boxing match on TV, stop and take notice of the physical condition of the competitors. They are fit, balanced, and powerful. Boxing of Bedford offers the training used in the renowned system of Westport Boxing and MMA. This system is taught mainly in 2 parts; Recreational and Traditional Boxing. Recreational Boxing incorporates the basic boxer's workout into a practical system designed to get you into shape and accelerate your boxing and self-defense skills in a very short time as it takes the basic boxing elements and applies them in an effective, yet easy to understand way. Boxing of Bedford/Westport Boxing has been training fighters of all levels for years and it is from this experience & knowledge that a condensed and powerful conditioning program for anyone interested in getting fit has been developed. Traditional American Boxing focuses the basic boxer's workout into a more deliberate and steady paced program that focuses on a more classical approach to boxing. This approach is more along the line that a amateur or profession fighter would use in order to develop all of the necessary nuances of the sport. Working with our top notch personal trainers, you are shown all the techniques of the different approaches for practical self defense, proper coordination, core strength, developing muscle tone, endurance, balance and grounding. Try one of our Free Trial Classes to get you started on the path of achieving your boxing and fitness goals!!!
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